Imagine Manifesting Your Dreams  

Using the Law of Attraction, we live our dreams by first thoroughly understanding our dreams.  Focus your dreams on something that moves you forward.  

When you focus on enjoying the rewards of your dreams, you bring your emotions and thoughts powerfully into alignment.  From this feeling state, it's easy to feel grateful.    

Your Brain 

Your brain, made up of 4 quadrants, guides and directs you with 4 different basic ways to prosper.  Each quadrant thinks thoughts according to an individualized style.  For more information on this, I encourage you to read The Creative Brain by Ned Herrmann.

Basically, you think using 4 types of thinking styles namely:




connecting relationships 

Much can be included here about these 4 thinking styles.  For more information about your brain's preferred thinking style, please contact me directly.

By using at least 1 thinking style in your gratitude statements, you greatly increase the chances of prospering in your goals.  Intentionally thinking in terms of possibilities, you can actually change the previous folds in your brain to develop new neurology.  Your new gratitude thinking creates new thought patterns of prosperity in  your brain.

A Spiritual Being Inside a Human Covering 

As a spiritual being having a human experience, imagine from your confident spirit that any uplifting role you would like to act out can be played out by you. Imagining your dream's rich splendor and glory fully achieved allows the prosperous Universe to mirror  back your broadcast.

Create Your Prosperous Dream Script in the NOW

Creating your fully achieved dream in the 'now' involves beneficially using the brain part that feels unaware of the difference between imagination and reality.   Your subconscious mind stores your dreams and memories like an impersonal library.  Choosing powerfully creative thoughts, for which you can easily feel gratitude, can fill your library with future prosperity.  

Imagine and Model Only Success Images

Your prosperity all begins when you create ONLY pictures of your potential success. The Universe then provides you with ONLY successful life situations which you then act out in prosperity.  

Make things easy on yourself.  Practice regularly on feeling grateful for all the ways abundance naturally flows throughout your daily life.  Purposely see and verbally express something good in everything.

The Universe Naturally Favors Prosperity and You

Truthfully remind yourself that the Universe already favors you and befriends you in every uplifting activity you do.  While thinking that the Universe powerfully favors and befriends you, you'll experience your true desires.  This prosperity manifestation happens whenever you ACT as your intuition prompts you to act in a forward direction. 

This Universal manifesting support is powerful knowledge.  This means when you generally promote a message of optimism, hope, love and self-reliance, the Universe provides resources for you. 

You can successfully manifest into the physical, earth realm your prosperity message into your or anyone's life.  Remember manifesting only works for your or someone else's Highest Divine purpose.  So true fulfillment of manifesting only occurs as long as the intention is constructive for your own or someone else's Highest Divine purpose. 

    5 Simple Steps Gets Your Dreams Manifested

Being a hypnotically powerful manifestor requires you to:

1-Choose to intentionally serve and uplift.  Reach out and promote the message of prosperity to everyone you meet.

2-Imagine a mind picture where you achieve a productive goal in which you share your passion, talents, skills or abilities with others.  They can keep promoting the forward-moving message of prosperity, too.  These are the easiest dreams to manifest into your earthly life.

3-Intend to act optimistically, behaving as though you already achieved your uplifting goal.  Stay focused on intending goodness where the largest number of people involved experience a win-win outcome.

4-Express gratitude regularly for your goal already being accomplished.  When you hear complaints or criticism, choose to neutralize them immediately.  Start expressing gratitude for any simple thing that comes to mind.  You can express gratitude for the blue sky or the shoes on your feet.  Look for at least two valuable things and express gratitude in everything you see and do.

5-When your intuition prompts you to act constructively forward, focus and improve your situation.  When you respond with forward moving action to your intuition, your connection to your intuition grows.  Alignment with your internal Divine guidance is always prosperous.

These 5 simple steps bring your dreams into your conscious world. Keep believing and expressing gratitude for each day. You'll find that each day brings more gratitude-embraced situations for which to express even more gratitude.

To start your manifesting practice, begin by using some powerful scripts.  Go to the practice script page now.

Imagine what will you do with all the joy and prosperity you manifest daily.  Will you make prosperity manifesting a routine habit?  There's no time like the present to start living a joyful, happy life.  

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Susan Fox


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